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Basic Laser Cutting: What is a Metal Laser Cutter?

A metal laser cutter is a high-precision tool used for cutting materials quickly and accurately, especially those with complex shapes. The metal laser cutting process produces precise and aesthetically pleasing results by using heat to melt the material in a focused area, which is then neatly cut.

a metal laser cutting machine in working process

How Does a Laser Cutting System Work?

A laser cutting system operates with two main components:

  • Laser Source: This component generates the laser beam, which is characterized by its high energy, narrow wavelength range, and intense focus. This beam is then directed to the cutting head.

  • Cutting Head: This part contains a lens that focuses the laser beam into a fine point, enabling it to cut the material efficiently and accurately.

Source of Laser Light

Laser light is produced through a process involving carbon dioxide (CO2), helium, and nitrogen gases. These gases are introduced into a hollow cylindrical tube and energized with electricity, stimulating the gas atoms. The result is the emission of energy in the form of a laser beam.

Characteristics and Principles of a Metal Laser Cutter

Metal laser cutting involves stimulating radiation to direct and intensify the laser beam. As the electrons move and are induced, the beam becomes more concentrated, resulting in a specific wavelength of light that can effectively cut through materials.

Benefits of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is popular for its speed and precision. The key advantages include:

  • Minimal Gas Emission: The process generates little to no harmful gases.

  • High-Quality Cuts: The finished pieces are smooth and precise.

  • Fast Cutting Speed: The process is significantly faster compared to traditional cutting methods.

Due to these benefits, laser cutting is a highly popular method for cutting metal and other materials.

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