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For over 20 years, Pailin has been one of Thailand’s leading laser metal cutting companies; specialising in manufacturing components for automotive, petrol, and mechanical industries. We provide professional services with innovative technologies from prototype through to production. By using state-of-the-art machinery from Germany and Japan, we produce rapid precision sheet fabrication from designing, laser cutting, turret punching, bending, welding to assemble, and molding.


We have upheld exceptional customer service for over two decades. Our fully equipped and certified engineering and quality control department always ensures that all products are made to exact specifications.


Pailin has earned its famed reputation and been commended by global firms around the world - including Japan, Australia, the United States of America, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom - for providing superior quality products and outstanding customer service.

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We provide one-stop metal fabrication services, producing superior quality through our advanced technologies. We support our clients through the entire process: from the initial design concept to the final output. Our professional and experienced teams are dedicated to delivering a highly customizable steel fabrication service to accommodate your requirements.



Before starting any project, our clients can directly discuss with our engineer designer in order to create and test models to exact specifications for the prototype.



Our advanced laser cutting machine is incredibly fast and versatile. It can render the end products to have a smooth finished look.


Turret Punching

If the product requires holes, a drill or a hole punch is made with our professional turret punching machine. A lathe will trim down the edges and sides of the metal until achieving the right size and perfect shape.  


Bending & Welding

 After the metal parts are manufactured by their laser cutting or punching into the correct shape, the product will then be assembled into the proper configuration, order to make the final product by welding to the precise way.


CNC Machining Center

Masterful CNC machining of billet components for prototype to mid-volume production down to the production of very intricate parts.

A CNC machine tool center can perform drilling, milling, and lathe operations, producing the finest precision, quality, and surface finish, and reduces production time, delivery time, and costs.


Powder Coating

A multi-step surface finishing process suitable for metal parts. This method includes surface preparation, coating application, and heat curing process. Throughout the process, the surface will be delicately cleaned through our multiple step cleaning procedures to guarantee the maximum adhesion of the powder and the quality of the finished goods.


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We create each component to be assembled into finished products of various equipments, machineries, and hardwares.

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