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Our people

Varud Wannaiampikul, Ph.D.

Founder and President

Since 2002, Pailin is one of Thailand’s leading laser metal cutting company.

Dr. Varud Wannaiampikul founded Pailin Laser Metal in February 2002. As its president, Dr. Varud Wannaiampikul has led Pailin group to become the leading company in the Laser Metal and fabrication industry in Thailand, and solidify growth and business development with top-valued clients in many sectors from SMEs to conglomerates. 

Varud Wannaiampikul, Ph.D.

Founder and President

Natchaporn Wannaiampikul, Ph.D.

Vice President

Expanding globally to eight countries.

As the vice president, Dr. Natchaporn Wannaiampikul led Pailin group to be one of the first Thai companies to expand beyond the domestic manufacturing industry and capitalize on the global economy. PLM’s overseas market has expanded to eight countries:  Australia, the United States of America, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, as well as Japan - Pailin has grounded its roots in the Asian market and has become a trusted partner among many Japanese companies.

Ms. Pimsa Wannaiampikul

Vice President


From Pailin to PLM.

Ms. Pimsa, Vice president, is the second generation of Pailin group, taking the reins in leading the company with innovative visions, to accelerating growth and harness new businesses in the rapidly changing world. She initiated the company’s rebranding from Pailin to PLM to venture into new product segments and approach new customers, while maintaining its core values and principles to deliver top-quality products and services. With the transformation, the mission is to encourage collectively and engage the modern mindset of its people for the continued growth of the organization.

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The team

At PLM, all of our executives and team members strive to do our best to satisfy our customers. PLM members, customers, and our partners are sharing success for a better tomorrow.

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